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About Us

You need more than just advice on how to get into the best college; you need a college admissions advocate and a top college consultant; Collegecheckin helps you make the right choices in college admissions. We, Collegecheckin, are the leading education consultant in India today and help students, every step of the way, in achieving their dream degree. Through our wide range of free support services and strong collaboration with partner institutions across India, we guide students to their dream study destination- by helping them find the courses, colleges, and universities that meet their expectations and needs. We are also proud partners of a number of government bodies and organization in India in developing a search for colleges and universities, and to supply relevant information them. Most students haven't the slightest clue what it will take to prepare for the academically challenging environment after graduating from high school. It takes timely preparation and discipline to get a head start among other just as eager candidates. Collegecheckin helps these young people discover their unique talents and abilities. Top schools seek intellectual curiosity, life goals, tenacity, evidence of personal growth and excellence when selecting from thousands of students from a variety of backgrounds, experiences, and financial standing.     Vision We envision a world where everyone would be learned   Mission To help students actualize their fullest potential, and choose the best course of study that will complement their strengths and interests       Services to Students Curriculum planning We work with high school seniors students. Help them navigate through the existing school curriculum to choose the best classes that will help prepare them to gain admission to highly selective colleges and universities. Also, we provide reading lists and other exercises that are customized to enhance the abilities of each student.   Test preparation and evaluation We review test scores. In cases where test scores are substantially below the average of the college or university of their choice, we provide recommendations on how to improve their chances of admission.   College application assistance Meeting deadlines and other documentation requirements are critical. We help students through critical milestone in the application process to ensure that there are no last minutes glitches. Early Action or Regular Action applications enhance a student's chances of admission? How important is the Personal Statement? There is enough variation among schools to warrant a closer look at each area.   Application Essay The application essay should be given careful thought. Admissions officers are not looking for the right answer. You don't need to tell them what they want to hear, rather what you want us to hear. Your essay should help the committee understand who you are and what you think as an individual. We help students to express themselves.   Services to Institutions Advertising advice We guide our partner institutions on a methodical advertising schedule, campaign and budgeting; Selection of medium and frequency of advertisements. It helps them to discover the prospective students easily.   Branding We give top priority to the branding of our partner institutes. We inform students and local community by telling them why they should choose your institute. This is done through advertisements, presentation sessions, and student counseling. We keep our information current about the new courses or information offered by our partner institutions.   Market Updates We give the current update on educational issues and developments about our partner institutions, with a bearing on the enrolment of students. Such developments include trends in the local education arena, government policies and socio-economic changes, which would have an impact on admission.   Pre-assessment of Prospective Students We make pre-assessments about the prospective students interested in your institution to know whether he/she meets entry requirements or not. Thus we forward only those applications to your institute which are supposed to have met your criteria. This eliminates the burden of checking applications lot.   Support during Education Fairs and Seminars We are available to support you at education fairs, exhibitions, seminars and other functions participated by your institution.     Core Values Challenging Our goals are very clear, challenging and offers opportunity to learn every day. We believe best ideas come from anywhere that is why we stretch everyone beyond their roles.   Teamwork We are blessed with diverse individuals with unique personalities, strong background, experience, and talents. We learn from each other and deliver our mission.   Empower others Our institution is a world class with the aim of helping people to realize their potentials.   Fun filled We make learning fun and enjoyable.     Contact us College Check In Jaipur Rajasthan India 995 0000 686 enquires@collegecheckin.com